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Player Development

Winter Development

The Angels Winter Development programs will place a strong focus on getting players ready for the Spring.  Too often, players wait until the final weeks of February to begin their training.  Unfortunately, this is too late.  You can train hard in early January while still participating in Winter Sports.  Do NOT wait until a week or two before try-outs (or before your Spring season) to begin preparing for the Spring. 

Our 2023 Winter Programs

This Winter, we are offering programs for kids ranging in age from 6-18.  Please subscribe to our Weekly Digest on updates to the Programs and the introduction of new programs. 

Small Hitting Groups

Baseball 101

Our Small Hitting Groups will offer players an opportunity to maximize swings while getting more personalized instruction than they would in a clinic setting.  With no more than 4 players in a group, players will go through 20 minutes of drill work followed by 35 minutes of Batting Practice.

A program specifically targeting kids ages 6-8, a group we feel is the most undertaught age group.  Too often coaches and parents feel we must stick to very simple techniques w/this age group.  Yes, we should teach them the basics; but this group is capable of learning much more than we think.

  • Separate sessions for kids 9-12 and kids 13 & up
  • Seven weeks starting January 7th
  • Sundays at The Baseball Zone
  • 7 week Program meeting once each week
  • Tuesdays at Lakelands MS (6-7pm) or Fridays at Dufief ES (5-6pm)
  •  Begins January 5th

Gold Glove Infield Program

DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE!  We have seen enough baseball in the past year to see that defense is NOT being addressed by many coaches.  Players are not moving correctly to balls (if moving at all!); they aren’t getting in well-balanced positions to field the ball; and the vast majority aren’t using the proper arm action when throwing the ball.  Simply put…infield defense is in a bad state.  


Our Gold Glove infield program is for those that are willing to put in a sincere effort to become the best.  Our seven week program is a fast-paced, high intensity program that will challenge an infielder’s feet and hands.  Our main focus is on improving a player’s athleticism.  Players will be constantly moving and will receive a significant number of reps in every drill.  


This will be the best opportunity for you child to improve as an infielder.  We will be using many of the drills taught by Nate Trosky, a world-renowned infield coach that has worked with many of the country’s top collegiate and Major League Infielders.  In addition to fielding and throwing drills players will be jumping rope, going through ladder drills, and juggling (yes juggling).


Sessions for all Infielders will be held on Tuesdays in January and February, and shortstops and second basemen are invited to attend Friday sessions where the focus will be on doubleplay feeds and turns.

You will NOT find another program like this during the Winter.  The game of baseball is more than hitting; and your child’s avenue to more playing time may be through defense.  You do not want to miss this program!

  • Program starts January 9th
  • All Infielders: Sessions Tuesdays from 5:00-6:00 at Lakelands MS (Auxiliary Gym)
  • Shortstops/Second Basemen: Additional sessions Fridays from 6:00-7:00 at DuFief ES (School Gym)
  • Players only need gloves (protective cups not necessary)
  • We will be using tennis balls.  No worries as we can do EVERYTHING w/tennis balls that we would do w/baseballs
  • For players ages 11 & up
  • All players will receive a bulleted list of drills performed that day.  The expectation is that they repeat these drills at home during the week (and even after the end of the program)
  • As of now, there is no limit on attendance; but that may change.

Other Key Points for the Winter Programs

  • Any questions related to age, and which program should be appropriate should be sent to
  • Kids over the age of 8 can participate in Baseball 101 if they are beginners or parents feel they could benefit from the “situational instruction” that will be offered during that program.
  • Those registering for Baseball 101 can pre-register at no cost w/o selecting a specific day.  We understand many will play basketball but you will not know schedules until mid to late December.  Once you know your schedule, you can then select either Tuesday or Friday.  Simply pre-register to reserve a spot.
  • All registrants will receive program reminders as we get closer to January.