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“I hated every minute of training.  But I said, ‘Don’t quit.  Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'”

– Muhammad Ali

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Nurturing A Culture of Excellence

Players simply don't practice enough.  Join OWs and get in much needed reps in hitting and fielding.

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Open Workouts

A time for skill development, the Fall is when you best prepare for the Spring.

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Fall Development Program

The Angels Programs in MD and PA offer camps and clinics in the Summer and Winter months. 

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Winter Development

Angels Winter Development Baseball 101 Baseball 101: The ideal program for kids ages 6-8.  Too many kids this age receive little to no instruction.  And…

Open Workouts

Open Workouts Underway Is your child getting enough practice?  It’s a simple question, and one that unfortunately is answered with a ‘no’ far too often. …

Fall Development

Angels Fall Development Development…TRUE DEVELOPMENT…is being lost on our youth baseball players.  Many programs talk about Development; but are they really focused on it?   The…

What People Have to Say

Bill Glah Parent

Coach Con is one of the greatest coaches, role models, and leaders that I have had to pleasure to know. He is an amazing instructor of baseball, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. His instruction goes far beyond the game and really is about building/creating great young men who also play the game of baseball the right way. I could never thank him enough for all that he has done and continues to do for my son, team, and myself.

Tom Plefka Parent

Con imparts the knowledge he has gained over so many years to help everyone achieve the success they are seeking. With our boys, that knowledge and motivation he has imparted has grown beyond the baseball diamond. He has taught them the value and rewards of working hard in their school work, at home and in their community. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Con learns that he is guided by his belief of "servant leadership" helping others achieve things within themselves that they never thought were possible.

Colin Ditus Youth Coach

Con Aquilante's ability to tap into each of his player's focus, desire, and commitment to excellence both on and off the field is immeasurable. When you combine that with top notch technical instruction and a culture where players are focused as much on helping their teammates grow as they are themselves, the result is truly a special experience. Simply put, the Angels program encapsulates the VERY BEST of what sports are all about.

Pat Nuble Parent

My son joined the Angels team at the age of 11. Though, he was the youngest amongst high-schoolers, Coach Con welcomed him and helped him not only to strengthen his baseball skills but more importantly challenged my son to be confident on the field and in the classroom. Each week, I sat at practice waiting for Con's quote of the day in order to claim it on Monday morning while encouraging my students to believe, work harder, and have fun while doing it.

Aaron Nuble Alumni

Throughout the time I have spent with the Angels Baseball program, Coach A has ingrained so much knowledge into my brain in regards to baseball but in addition life skills. Coach is extremely passionate about forming young men not just athletes.

David Brown Parent

Angels Baseball and Con Aquilante was so much more than exceptional baseball instruction. My son learned about himself and every day ideals- things that he will take with him in life to be successful. The Angels Baseball program was a blessing!

David Brown Jr Alumni

I want to thank coach Con Aquilante, for all that he has done for me. Being a player with the Philadelphia Angels, Coach Aquilante has helped me prepare and continue to get better. He taught me how to train, play, become a better baseball player and be the best person I could be. I have spent a lot of time with Coach A to where he feels like a second father. I have tremendous respect for him in helping me become a successful baseball player and person.

Raymond Reyes Alumni

Before I joined the Angels Baseball program, I was a poor kid from a rough neighborhood in Philadelphia. Angels Baseball helped me earn a scholarship to Eastern University where I graduated with a bachelors degree in Education. I now have a full-time job and own a home in the Philadelphia suburbs. My dreams were realized because of the core traits of life that I learned during my time with Angels Baseball. I will be forever grateful for my time spent at the academy.