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Open Workouts Underway

Is your child getting enough practice? 

It’s a simple question, and one that unfortunately is answered with a ‘no’ far too often.  If they are not getting enough PRACTICE reps, how can you expect them to get better?  How can you expect them to develop any passion for the game?  How can you ever tell whether they will be good at baseball?

Far too often, we see parents pull their kids out of baseball (or the kids request to stop playing) because they just simply aren’t enjoying it; or they are no good.  The #1 cause is lack of practice.  And it’s a growing problem in youth sports.  Games are on the rise, yet practice is on the decline.  Kids get very little reps at a game; and it’s not an environment that is conducive for learning at a young age.

Think about it.  How many groundballs does your child field on game day?  How many times do they catch a ball (or attempt to catch a ball)?  How many swings do they get?  Very few, if any, is the likely answer to all three.  So why are kids playing more games than practicing?  Simple, it’s easier for the coaches.  It’s easy to put together a lineup.  It’s easy to stand there and direct traffic.  To run a practice, a quality practice, it takes effort.  It takes thought.  And it takes energy.

Throughout the Spring and Fall, Angels Baseball will be running Open Workouts, geared towards filling the void that so many kids are missing.  Open Workouts are available for everyone.  They are 90 minutes (some sessions will be 60 minutes) of high energy, high repetition workouts.  Click on the link below to learn more.