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The Angels Baseball Program has, and continues to aid in the athletic and personal development of youth baseball players. Thanks to individuals like you, we are able to minimize, and in some cases, eliminate the costs of our services for the parents of the kids. We operate as a 501(c)(3) organization and rely on charitable donations to fund our services.

Receipts will be sent to individuals that make a donation in excess of (and including) $250. All others can receive a receipt upon request.
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2024/2025 After School Program

We are currently in the process of finalizing our plans for the Fall.  As of now, we have scheduled an 8-week program with Twinbrook Elementary School (Rockville, MD) that will run on Tuesdays in Sept and October.  We are working to solidify two other schools for two additional days of the week.

The majority of the kids that will participate in this program do not have the means to participate in organized youth baseball/softball programs; and therefore have likely never picked up a bat or ball.  This program is designed to give these kids an opportunity to see whether they have the ability, or interest, in the game.  Angels Baseball was founded on the belief that all kids should get an opportunity to find success; to find out whether they have a passion for the game without having to worry about whether they can afford to play.  They deserve the opportunity to receive the proper level of instruction that allows them to truly determine whether they have the ability to play the game.  And Angels Baseball wants to, and is in a position to provide that opportunity.  

The format for the After School program will be the same for each school:

  • Week 1: Collect baseball metrics in baserunning, throwing velocity and hitting velocity.
  • Week 2 – Week 5: Introduce the basics of the game through various drills.
  • Week 6 – Week 8: Spend 10 minutes on drill work followed by a game.
  • Word of the Week: We will select a topic each week and will have a discussion on this topic with the kids while they eat their snack after school and before the baseball session begins.  And throughout the session we will revisit the topic and tie it into the drill work.  At the conclusion of the program, each kid will receive a folder with a one-page printout of each topic.  Topics will include things like Teamwork, Perseverance, Effort, etc.  

Cost of the Program

Each session will cost $145, or just under $10/child/session.  We do not ask the parents to pay for the program, nor do we ask the school for assistance.  We simply rely on donations to fund the program.  The bulk of the cost is in Coaching time, while the rest is made up of supplies (handouts), field rentals (in some but not all cases), and equipment.  

We are looking to raise $3,480 for the Fall, which would fund the after-school program at 3 schools.  

Any additional monies raised would go into a Scholarship Fund, that would be used to enroll kids from the After-School programs in additional Angels Development Programs, Open Workouts, and Team Registrations.  On average, we are finding that 3-5 kids from each school display an interest in learning more and are quick to pick up the skills we are teaching.  We want these kids to have the opportunity to continue their baseball education and see if they can find success in the game.  The Scholarship Fund will go a long way in helping create positive experiences for these kids.

The Angels Impact

“In the summer of 2018, our Linkages to Learning Program at Summit Hall Elementary started a partnership with the Angels Baseball organization to offer summer camps to underprivileged children in our community. Jason Aquilante, its president, wanted to reach out to children in vulnerable communities, like ours, to help them learn life skills that improve their quality of life.

In the Angels Baseball summer camps, Mr. Aquilante and the Angels staff, through sports activities and lectures, have been teaching and influencing Summit Hall children to make positive/healthy choices regarding their physical and mental well-being (e.g., healthy eating, exercise, self-control, helping others, setting goals, etc.) This is leading to positive choices, better attitude, and less negative behaviors referrals in the children who have participated in the camps and who look up to Mr. Aquilante and the Angels staff like positive role models.

I have great appreciation for the valuable work that the Angel’s organization has been doing in our Summit Hall community. The Angels Baseball organization has been doing a remarkable job in investing time and resources to brighten children minds and to teach life skills that help them navigate in life and have a better future.” 


– Ana Schmitz, Linkages to Learning Site Coordinator for Summit Hall ES

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