Angels Baseball

Angels Weekly Workouts

Jan 25th: Catch & Throw

Date/Time: January 25th 5:00-6:00pm

Location: The Baseball Zone

Participants: Open to kids ages 9 and up that play 1B, 2B, SS and/or 3B

Overview:   Catching and throwing a baseball are the two fundamental skills of the game that all players must master at an early age.  As kids grow, they need to be able to master the skill of catching and throwing into one that is done quickly and efficiently.  During our next Weekly Workout, players will go through a series of drills that challenge them to “Catch” and “Throw” quickly and efficiently.  Players will go throw drills related to cuts and relays, tag and throws, and rundowns.  As one gets older, a player must develop quick hands and quick feet.  Join us for a fun, fast-paced hour full of reps!  

Price: $25

What are Weekly Workouts?

(Available in Montgomery County, MD only) The Weekly Workouts are one-hour sessions where “baseball reps” will be the goal.  Players in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states are not able to get outside and get needed reps during the Winter like players in the South.  So, many of these players turn to camps, which are instructive by design.  Players attend camps and receive instruction; but get minimal reps.  The purpose of the camps are to educate players on techniques and where they need improvement.  So reps are not the goal.

The main goal for the Weekly workouts is for kids to receive a significant amount of reps.  Every week, we will announce the topic for the weekly session.  Topics could be Pitching Drills, Hitting Drills, Double Play Feeds for Middle Infielders, Groundball work for infielders, etc.  Minimal instruction will be provided; and we will inform kids where they are performing a skill incorrectly; but again, the focus is on getting a high volume of reps for various drills.

Sessions will be held at The Baseball Zone in Gaithersburg, MD.  Days and Times of the sessions could vary from week to week.  Registration will be open to kids of all ages and skill levels; but spots will limited.